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From Kamil Srot <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Memory consumption
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 20:49:59 GMT
Dear Joshua,

thank you for your reply!

Joshua Slive wrote:

>On 8/2/05, Kamil Srot <> wrote:
>>    I have simple PHP script serving large files for autorized users...
>>after some time, all memory of the server is consumed by httpd processes <CUT>
>Indeed you have found the problem, I believe: Range headers.  In order
>to handle out-of-order range requests (which are allowed by the spec),
>httpd must buffer the entire response.  Of course, that is very bad
>behavior.  Instead, httpd should just ignore out-of-order range
>requests (which the spec also allows) and serve the entire thing.
Do you know about any will to patch this and incorporate it into stable 
...maybe current behavior is good in some cases (I don't understand) but 
I can imagine many people having the same problems as I do... maybe some 
configuration directive can take place in case both behaviors are correct...

Currently I was forced to switch to downloads directly from filesystem - 
version 1 of apache didn't seen to have this problem, but I had other 
issues which are all solved now... just this one remains... (as I hope :)

>There is probably some way to get httpd to
>ignore the range header, either using the RequestHeader directive or
>using one of the special environment variables.  But I've never done
>it myself.
I got the same idea but failed to find any note about this in 
Any hints about what to look for?

I do appreciate your answer - thank you, Joshua.

Best Regards,
Kamil Srot

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