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Subject Re: [users@httpd] What ports can I substitute for 8080?
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2005 06:20:33 GMT
Well, it's getting a bit off-topic for this list, but here goes : 

1) "I'm a little confused, though. First, how do you "load

That's an Apache question, still in place ;-)

Just make sure that somewhere in your httpd.conf (or included files) there 
is a directive like this
LoadModule rewrite_module /usr/lib/apache2-prefork/
The path to the .so obviously depends on your installation; I don't really 
know how to specify a path to a .dll in Windows
There should already be some LoadModule lines, so compare with one of 

2) "So would I replace "YourPloneInstanceName" with Zope-Instance/Plone 

Have a look at on your server; this is 
actually the content of Zope; remember, Plone is a framework (meaning : a 
bunch of components) that works under Zope, Plone is nothing without Zope. 
Zope is the 'environment' or if you want to call it like that your 
'virtual machine' where the Plone code runs. 
On this page you should see something called the Root Folder. This is the 
Zope root folder. Under this root, there probably will be a plone web site 
object. (a little circle with the 3 dots in it)
"YourPloneInstanceName" has to be substituted with the name of this 
This could very well be named "Plone" in a default installation.
If it's not there, create one : On the top right of the right frame, 
select "CMF Site" and click Add, follow the screen; the ID is the name of 
your Plone Site
<getting very off topic now, my apologies to the rest of the list> 

The "" should be substituted with the domainrequest 
Apache receives and the portname it receives it on.
If you don't have a *real*  domain name; just fake one in your hosts file. 
On the side of the client (where the browser runs, can very well be the 
server itself as well), in the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts 
add a line like this : 


where x.x.x.x is the ipaddress of your server. 

This page also gives some info :

3) Also in this root folder; there probably already is a 
VirtualHostMonster; no problem then; you only need one for every zope 


Kind regards,

Bert De Ridder

PeopleWare NV - Head Office
Cdt.Weynsstraat 85 
B-2660 Hoboken 
Tel: +32 3 448.33.38 
Fax: +32 3 448.32.66 

PeopleWare NV - Branch Office Geel
Kleinhoefstraat 5
B-2440 Geel
Tel: +32 14 57.00.90
Fax: +32 14 58.13.25 
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David Blomstrom <> 
04/08/2005 17:40
Please respond to


Re: [users@httpd] What ports can I substitute for 8080?

--- wrote:

> You should do it right from the beginning :-)
> Here's how you set up a virtual host for Plone : 
> (don't forget to load mod_rewrite)
> <virtualhost *>
>   ServerName
>   RewriteEngine on
>   RewriteRule ^/(.*) 

> [L,P]
>   ErrorLog /var/log/plone2/plonesite.log
>   LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b
> \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\""
>   TransferLog /var/log/plone2/transfer-plonesite.log
>   ProxyVia On
> </virtualhost>
> You also need to have the virtualhostmonster product
> in your zope setup.

Thanks; that looks pretty thorough!

I'm a little confused, though. First, how do you "load

Second, it looks like I have to modify both of these

On my C drive, I have a folder named Zope-Instance,
which contains a folder named Plone 2. So would I
replace "YourPloneInstanceName" with
Zope-Instance/Plone 2?

I'm not sure what to substitute for I haven't created a website in
Plone/Zope yet. I'm just trying to set up a proxy
server so I can view the Plone home page.

Third, when I try to create a Virtual Host Monster, I
get this message:

Error Type: BadRequest
Error Value: This container already has a Virtual Host


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