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From "Ashutosh Mohanty" <>
Subject [users@httpd] SSI
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2006 12:36:50 GMT

I want to run a script on a web page that uses server side includes, ( is present
in modules directory) for this do i need to recompile apache.if not then tell me what step
should i take.?? I did the installation with configuration option as ::

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache --with-berkeley-db=/usr --with-ssl=/usr --enable-mpm_common=shared
--enable-mpm_prefork=shared --enable-mpm_perchild=shared --enable-mpm_worker=shared --enable-access=shared
--enable-actions=shared --enable-alias=shared --enable-asis=shared --enable-auth=shared --enable-auth_anon=shared
--enable-auth_dbm=shared --enable-auth_digest=shared --enable-autoindex=shared --enable-cache=shared
--enable-cern_meta=shared --enable-cgi=shared --enable-cgid=shared --enable-charset_lite=shared
--enable-dav=shared --enable-dav_fs=shared --enable-deflate=shared --enable-dir=shared --enable-echo=shared
--enable-env=shared --enable-example=shared --enable-expires=shared --enable-ext_filter=shared
--enable-file_cache=shared --enable-headers=shared --enable-imap=shared --enable-include=shared
--enable-info=shared --enable-isapi=shared --enable-log_config=shared --enable-mime=shared
--enable-mime_magic=shared --enable-negotiation=shared --enable-proxy=shared --enable-rewrite=shared
--enable-setenvif=shared --enable-speling=shared --enable-status=shared --enable-suexec=shared
--enable-unique_id=shared --enable-userdir=shared --enable-usertrack=shared --enable-vhost_alias=shared
--enable-ssl=static --with-z=/usr

Best Regards: 

Ashutosh Mohanty  
SynaptiCAD Inc.  

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