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From (saf)
Subject [users@httpd] A mod_gunzip for Apache 2.x ?
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 13:23:48 GMT

I need a module which unzip gzipped files so that I can then use filters 
to filter out some data in this gzipped html files.

Because when I have a test.html.gz file, the module should only gunzip 
*.html.gz files as OutputFilter to save performance. Then I can parse 
and change some contents of this files and re-compress them with the 
module DEFLATE.

Does there exists a gunzip module in apache 2.x?
Currently I use mod_ext_filter to run manually the command /bin/gunzip 
but this mean one fork per HTTP request! So the performance is currently 
very bad!

Best regards,
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