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From "Treece, Britt" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Problems with custom layout and
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 20:59:54 GMT
I am using the script to create a package on Solaris 9 for http-2.2.3.  I want
to use a custom layout so I added the config below to config.layout and changed the layout
variable in build/pkg/ accordingly
<Layout Custom>
    prefix:        /usr/local/apache
    exec_prefix:   ${prefix}
    bindir:        ${prefix}/bin
    sbindir:       ${prefix}/bin
    libdir:        ${prefix}/lib
    libexecdir:    ${prefix}/modules
    mandir:        ${prefix}/man
    sysconfdir:    ${prefix}/conf
    datadir:       /data/www
    installbuilddir: ${datadir}/build
    errordir:      ${datadir}/error
    iconsdir:      ${datadir}/icons
    htdocsdir:     ${datadir}/html
    manualdir:     ${datadir}/manual
    cgidir:        ${datadir}/cgi-bin
    includedir:    ${prefix}/include/apache
    localstatedir: ${datadir}
    runtimedir:    ${localstatedir}/logs
    logfiledir:    ${localstatedir}/logs
    proxycachedir: ${localstatedir}/proxy
While is doing it's thing I see it creating the directory in the build location...
Installing configuration files
mkdir /var/tmp/svadmin/httpd-root/usr/local/apache/conf
mkdir /var/tmp/svadmin/httpd-root/usr/local/apache/conf/extra
mkdir /var/tmp/svadmin/httpd-root/usr/local/apache/conf/original
mkdir /var/tmp/svadmin/httpd-root/usr/local/apache/conf/original/extra
Installing HTML documents
mkdir /var/tmp/svadmin/httpd-root/data
mkdir /var/tmp/svadmin/httpd-root/data/www
mkdir /var/tmp/svadmin/httpd-root/data/www/html

but once the final package is completed and installed it only creates the prefix directories
and does not create any of the datadir directories.  What am I doing wrong?

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