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From Todd Hivnor <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Failed downloads: "Could not get next bucket brigade"
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 20:47:40 GMT
I am using WebDAV. The user has had trouble using a normal web browser, as well as connecting
via WebDAV with Windows Explorer. 

I added " EnabledSendfile Off " to my config, and the user was able to download some files
which were previously causing problems.

So I've got my fingers crossed ... that might have done the trick! 


Yvo van Doorn <> wrote: Do you have mod_dav enabled? Does upgrading
to 2.0.59 fix the issue? I had issues with DAV and Sendfile. If its a sendfile() capable OS,
have you tried putting EnabledSendfile Off in your configuration?

 On 11/28/06, Morgan Gangwere <> wrote: try getting the file from
a completely different machine, completely
different internet connection, etc. if THAT fails, then  its an apache
problem, or a problem on the Server-Side. does the file work if you
open it? does it pass md5 checks? 

On 11/28/06, Todd Hivnor <> wrote:
> > I've got one user who always seems to have problems
> > downloading files from my Apache server. She reports that the 
> > download process hangs, often with 1% of the file remaining
> > to download.
> >
> > The server logs have this error:
> >
> > (104)Connection reset by peer: Could not get next bucket 
> > brigade [500, #0]
> >
> >
> >
> > I'm running Apache 2.0.51 on Fedora Core 2.
> >
> > Does anyone know how to address this bug ?
> Imaginatively... If it's only one user and can't be reproduced with a 
> standard browser at your end, it looks like a client-side issue
> (especially with "Connection reset by peer" - ie the client broke the
> connection).
> - is it size dependent, can she download smaller files? 
> - how is she connected to internet (eg, ADSL, dial-up?) do they have a
> size limit?
> - does the file contain anything that a virus-scanner on the client
> might reject? (try replacing the file with plain ascii of same size or 
> ask her to switch off any virus-scannners).
> We have tried determining if there is a pattern to when the download fails.
> We haven't been able to find a pattern to it: she can often download large 
> files, while smaller files fail. There might be a virus checking problem ...
> I will follow up on that idea.
> In terms of network connections, I've got this very same error popping up
> with a long list of diffent IP addresses. And I know it happens with her, 
> when she logs in from home, or when she uses an office network. So the error
> sure sounds "network related," the logs show it happening on a lot of
> different networks.
>  - Todd 


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