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From "JWM" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Does Apache Restrict Multiple Concurrent Connections from one IP?
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 20:17:46 GMT
I'm trying to figure out what is happening.. I have multiple files I want to
download from my server via http.  I click the first link, get the SaveAs
dialog box, enter a filename and the download starts.  While that is
downloading, I click the second link, do the SaveAs, and the second one
starts downloading.  I then click a third link, the progress indicator comes
up, but the SaveAs dialog does not come up.  It hangs until one of the other
two download completes.  Immediately after one of the other two downloads
completes, the third SaveAs dialog pops up and I can continue.


I've also noticed a similar behavior with iTunes podcast downloads.  iTunes
will try to start 3 concurrent downloads, but the third one hangs until one
of the other two finish.


I figure this is some sort of throttle either being enforced by Apache httpd
on my server side or by Windows XP's TCP stack in some way on my client box.
I guess it could also be some sort of restriction enforced by TimeWarner
Roadrunner, my ISP.


So my question is. is Apache httpd blocking the third request until one of
the other two requests completes?  Or is it in Windows or roadrunner some
place?  If it's in httpd, is there some config parameter that I could at
least perhaps bump it up to 3 or 4 concurrent requests?





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