You need to go the Verisign web site, find the pages that define the types of certificates, decide which type you want to use, then follow the instructions for generating the certificate files.
On completing this process you should have three (3) files like the following example:
    (name).crt    => certificate file
    (name).key  => key file
    (name).csr   => certificate chain file
    (name)  is a name of you choosing that matches the URL that apache server is serving.
You will need to move these files to a folder on the computer on which the Apache server is running.
You will then need to modify the apache configuration file containing the virtual host definition to contain the following entries:
    SSLEngine On
    SSLProtocol All
    SSLCipherSuite HIGH:MEDIUM
    SSLCertificateFile            (folder location)/(name).crt
    SSLCertificateKeyFile      (folder location)/(name).key
    SSLCertificateChainFile   (folder location)/(name).csr
The final step will be to restart the apache server.
Good Luck. 
Roger Hendrix
Information Services
Baldor Electric Co.
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This is my first posting.  I don't know much about this server, so please be patient.

My company has an Apache server which is used to send and receive AS2 messages.  The server was set up with a virtual host to allow both inbound and outbound processing on the same instance.

The server was originally set up with self-signed certificates and is working fine.  However, now we have a requirement from our users to replace with Verisign certificates.  Can the Apache server be set up to use Verisign certificates?  If so, how can this be done?

Thanks for your help!