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From Beraru Liviu <>
Subject [users@httpd] how to set up virtual hosts
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 17:35:21 GMT
  I am new in Apache and I used it until now only for testing PHP and MySQL.
  I have now to host some web sites but I don't know how.
  I searched for tutorials on the web, in the apache mailing lists, in the Apache documentation
and also in the FAQ but I couldn't find an answer to a few questions.
  I mention that I haven't done any experiments in order to "lunch" my websites because I
don't want to ruin the computers I use...
  How do I find a A to Z websiteshosting tutorial?
  I know that I have to change the vhosts.conf file, but... more than this ... I know nothing.
  How exactly to I get my websites on the net?
  Just create folders and declare them in the vhosts file?
  What's the importance of the .com, .de, .net, .it, .ro and so on terminations?
  Should I just create a folder named and that's it?
  Sorry for my ignorance.
  Hope in getting some help - I would really apreciate it.

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