If all your client wants is to hide the fact that PHP is being used then why not simply change the application-type line, ie.


AddType application/x-httpd-php .htm


Then you can use a rewrite rule to map html to htm. This way all calls to .php extensions will result in 404 errors and your ‘secret’ is safe…



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On 2/2/07, Krist van Besien <krist.vanbesien@gmail.com> wrote:

RewriteRule processing doesn't stop when a rule matches, unless you
tell it to. So you first rewrite *.html to *.php and then tell your
server to forbid access to *.php, and you get exactly that.

First a question: Why do you want to do this? This will cause all
kinds of trouble, like when a piece of php generates self referencing
urls, that will naturlally end in .php. Forms for example work like

Hi Krist,

It is requested by my client as he doesn't want client to guess the scripting engine that being used. And how do I forbid the php extension access while stil can map html to php extension ?


What you can do however is:
- Play with the order of the rules.
- Add the [L] flag to stop processing.

Hm... can you please give me an example ? I'm quite frustrated with this :) 


Many Thanks...