This is probably more than "slightly" off topic. You might want to check your html syntax (, and use something like if (parent.navigate.document) { // Seems like it's necessary for IE parent.navigate.document.location = url; } else { // Usual way parent.navigate.src = url; } Your script should also be included in : Anyway... You should find much more info on a more appropriate forum... Olivier CHIROUZE I&0 Infrastructure Volvo Information Technology ________________________________ From: Robert Cahn [] Sent: 31 January 2007 19:22 To: Subject: [users@httpd] Frame Question. Apologies if this is slightly off topic. I have a page which is composed of 2 frames. The code for the page is as follows: In the navigation section I have a link to bringing up a login page in maintext. If the UID, PW check out I then issue the following: echo "