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From Tom Hart <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] windows/install issues
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 16:31:19 GMT
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For some reason auth_ldap does not show up on my loadmodule list. I
checked the default httpd.conf and it's not there either...<br>
Here's my loadmodule chunk from httpd.conf<br>
<tt>LoadModule actions_module modules/<br>
LoadModule alias_module modules/<br>
LoadModule asis_module modules/<br>
LoadModule auth_basic_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule auth_digest_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule authn_anon_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule authn_dbm_module modules/<br>
LoadModule authn_default_module modules/<br>
LoadModule authn_file_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule authz_dbm_module modules/<br>
LoadModule authz_default_module modules/<br>
LoadModule authz_groupfile_module modules/<br>
LoadModule authz_host_module modules/<br>
LoadModule authz_user_module modules/<br>
LoadModule autoindex_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule cern_meta_module modules/<br>
LoadModule cgi_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule dav_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule dav_fs_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule deflate_module modules/<br>
LoadModule dir_module modules/<br>
LoadModule env_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule expires_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule file_cache_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule headers_module modules/<br>
LoadModule imagemap_module modules/<br>
LoadModule include_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule info_module modules/<br>
LoadModule isapi_module modules/<br>
LoadModule log_config_module modules/<br>
LoadModule mime_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule mime_magic_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule proxy_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule proxy_ajp_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule proxy_balancer_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule proxy_connect_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule proxy_ftp_module modules/<br>
LoadModule negotiation_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/<br>
LoadModule setenvif_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule speling_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule status_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule unique_id_module modules/<br>
LoadModule userdir_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule usertrack_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule vhost_alias_module modules/<br>
#LoadModule ssl_module modules/<br>
#Put in by me - LoadModule authnz_ldap modules/ -
Doesn't Work</tt><br>
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
  <pre wrap="">Tom Hart wrote:
  <blockquote type="cite">
    <pre wrap="">I used the .msi installer to setup apache on my windows 2003 system,
selected all the modules I thought I'd need. After more research, I'd
like to do directory-based authentication with auth_ldap. However I seem
to be unable to figure out how to install built-in modules in win32
after apache is already installed without uninstalling and reinstalling.
Can somebody point me in the right direction?
  <pre wrap=""><!---->
With the ASF installer you simply uncomment the corresponding #LoadModule
lines from your httpd.conf file by removing the '#' comment marker.

But - if you deleted instead of commenting out the LoadModule lines,
refer back to httpd.default.conf that was installed to help you out of
this sort of trouble, and copy the lines across to the 'live' httpd.conf.

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