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From Neville Hillyer <>
Subject [users@httpd] Re: mod_rewrite startup failure on PPC-binary on intel Mac
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 19:02:34 GMT
I am only replying because nobody else appears to have done so. I 
understand very little of your technicalities but I do know that on 
occasions it is necessary to check/adjust file permissions on OS X 
especially on an Xserve - I think the owner should be www but 
depending upon how you have done things not all installs end up with 
the correct owner.


At 14:23 -0400 01/10/2007, Zak Burke wrote:
>I'm working on a PPC build of httpd 2.2.4 on an Intel Mac. I'm
>doing this because I need Oracle support built into mod_php; because 
>Oracle has only released PPC libraries, I have to compile
>PPC-only apps if I want to use them. I have a working httpd/php 
>combo and now I'm trying to add mod_rewrite to the mix. I can get 
>mod_rewrite to work if I totally disable logging at compiletime, but 
>if logging is allowed httpd will not start.
>Here is a bit of history: httpd compiles after configuring like this:
>     $ CPPFLAGS="-arch ppc" LDFLAGS="-arch ppc" ./configure
>     --build=ppc-apple-darwin8.10.2
>but it won't start. The error log showed messages like this:
>     [emerg] (14)Bad address: Couldn't set permissions on
>     cross-process lock; check User and Group directives
>The problem is a bad default AcceptMutex setting (sysvsem; pthread 
>also fails; flock, fcntl and posixsem all work fine). Thanks to 
>Vincent Bray to putting me on the track to figuring out that problem.
>Building mod_rewrite with apxs like this:
>     sudo /usr/local/apache2-ppc/bin/apxs -Wc,"-arch ppc"
>     -Wl,"-arch ppc" -i -a -c mod_rewrite.c
>works but gives a similar error when trying to start httpd:
>     [crit] (14)Bad address: mod_rewrite: Could not set permissions
>     on rewrite_log_lock; check User and Group directives
>     Configuration Failed
>This error comes from a block near line 4048 of mod_rewrite.c. It's 
>in a double-nested ifdef-block:
>     ...
>The second ifdef, defined in defined in os/unix/os.h, is kinda 
>suspicious given the AcceptMutex issue I originally faced. I tried 
>moving the AcceptMutex directive before the "LoadModule 
>rewrite_module modules/" directive, I tried all the 
>different AcceptMutex options, and I tried building mod_rewrite 
>statically into the httpd binary; none work.
>Happily, the comments for the REWRITELOG_DISABLED constant (see line 
>101 of mod_rewrite.c) note that you can totally disable logging at 
>compiletime (compile with -DREWRITELOG_DISABLED), which sidesteps 
>the problem by totally skipping this block. But it doesn't really 
>solve the problem, and it would be kinda nice to have logging 
>Does anybody have any hints on how I might proceed?

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