I have multiple instances of versioned application rooted at the same context but hosted on different machines. I have to access these applications externally via reverse proxy like Apache in the following way, if possible:
http://reverse_proxy_host/instance1/app maps to http://internal.host1.com/app
http://reverse_proxy_host/instance2/app maps to http://internal.host3.com/app
http://reverse_proxy_host/instanceN/app maps to http://internal.hostN.com/app
All links within our application are relative: /app/<resource>
Seems like an easy requirement but I have not been able to find solution for it using mod_proxy, mod_proxy + mod_rewrite. There seems to be solution that we have with mod_proxy + mod_proxy_html which modifies relative links to /instance1/app/<resource>. Is it the only way to accomplish this task?
Last soft requirement that I can live without is dynamic mappings. That is, preferably database driven but could be text file driven mapping configuration.
Also, I wanted to clarify that I'm not looking for a load balancing solution.
Any help appreciated including alternatives to Apache reverse proxy implementation.
Andre Piwoni


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