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From "Tim Edwards" <>
Subject [users@httpd] how would I serve up an upload/download directory for each user
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 18:25:27 GMT


I'm trying to use Apache to essentially replicate the functionality of
our FTP server (we've found a lot of customers have corporate
policies/firewalls stopping them accessing FTP but not http/s). The idea
is that each customer has a Linux user created for them and can login
with Apache setup to use mod_auth_shadow. However I want each user to
have a directory into which they can upload files, as well as download.
I can see a few possibilities:

* Use mod_userdir so each user has a
site. My problem with this is that I'd have to give the apache user
rights to write to user's home directories to allow uploads, I'm not
sure if this is a good idea security-wise. However this server is
single-purpose - no one except administrators will be logging into it or
interacting with it in any way except through httpd.


* Use some kind of module that allows apache to spawn a sub-process
running as the user who logged in through mod_auth_shadow. Does such a
module exist?


* Give up on the idea of using user's home dirs and create a setup with
virtual hosts and a directory owned by the apache user. Eg. have all
user's files under /var/www/users/<username> and have a virtual host for
each /var/www/users/<username> dir. I'm not sure how to do this in any
automated fashion though - is there a way to coerce mod_userdir into
working like this?


Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.



Tim Edwards


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