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From Peter Milanese <>
Subject [users@httpd] Really strange access behaviours.... Only for the strong stomaches!
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2008 00:44:24 GMT
Hi folks...

  I have a bit of a mod_perl config for my vhosts at this point. I'll post the relevant snip
I am having a strange time figuring out why one site in this excerpt (which is not the first
one loaded) has no 
access issues, but all of the others (vhosts) have 403's being bounced back. It is not permissions
nor is it SELINUX. I'm sure it's something silly, I just can't pinpoint it. I'm getting clean
on a simple html page though. It's the same site that works every time, which makes it look
permissioning, but I've opened all of them up to no avail.
 Can someone review below please? Hopefully it's decent reading...

if ($env eq "dev" || $env eq "predev"){
        my $cnt = 0;
        my @usrs=`find /home/ -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 `;
        foreach $usr (@usrs){
                my ($vhost,$droot);
                chomp $usr;
                $vhost=basename($usr) . "";
                $droot=$usr . "/www";
                if (-d ($droot)){
                        $s->add_config( ["<VirtualHost *:80>",
                                "ServerName $vhost",
                                "ServerAdmin peterm\",
                                "DocumentRoot \"$droot\"",
                                "<Directory />",
                                "Options ExecCGI Indexes FollowSymLinks",
                                "Order allow,deny",
                                "Allow from all",
                                "ErrorLog \"|$cronolog /var/apache/logs/error/$vhost/%Y-%m-%d.error.log\"",
                                "CustomLog \"|$cronolog /var/apache/logs/access/$vhost/%Y-%m-%d.access.log\"
                        my $test=gethostbyname($vhost);
                        unless ($test){
                                my $subject="**Attention** DNS Entry Needed";
                                my $content="\nPlease create a CNAME record:\n\n\t $vhost

sub smail {
        my ($subject,$content)=@_;
        my $sm = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t";
        open SM, "|$sm";
        print SM <<EOF;
To: pmilanese\
From: Web Farm
Reply-to: peterm\
Subject: $subject


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