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From Vincent Régnard <>
Subject [users@httpd] SSLRequire and directory recursion
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2008 15:24:10 GMT
Hi all,

I've performed client authentication for a while as followed:

Top level virtual host root:

	(SSLRequire a certificate with company valid DN)


	(SSLRequire a certificate with more restrictive requirements on the 
sertificate (OU, Email, crls etc..))

And now I want to configure an additional acces to


for people not belonging to our company (and not having a certificate 
from our company), but I want to check their certificate to give them or 
refuse access to this directory as I did before outside the 
/companysecure/ tree.

The probleme is they dont show a valid company certificate (as required 
by SSLRequire on /companysecure top level directory), and acces is 
imediately refused as the first SSLRequire does not match at top level.

I would like to override the top level requirement in the subdirectory 
/companysecure/externalothers and keep the global protection at the top 
level /companysecure .

I cannot find the way to override the global SSLRequire authentication 
in a subdirectory.

Is it possible to achieve this goal with apache 2.0.X ? Is there a way 
to circumvent or trick the problem ?

Vincent Régnard

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