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From "Todd Simons" <>
Subject [users@httpd] MOD_PROXY Reverse Proxy - control URI access by client IP Address
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2009 21:40:36 GMT
Hello All

We are using Apache as a reverse proxy solution.   We present the apache
to the public, then have a few back end webservers that it re-writes.

We'd like to utilize one public hostname ""
to rewrite different web apps, but control the access to the web app by
ip address, similar to an "allow from" on a directory.

Is this possible?

For example:
	#this should only be available to
	ProxyPass /dev5/app1/ http://internalhost5/dev5/app1/
	ProxyPassReverse /dev5/app1/ http://internalhost5/dev5/app1/

	#this should only be available to
	ProxyPass /dev3/app2/ http://internalhost3/dev3/app2/
	ProxyPassReverse /dev3/app2/ http://internalhost3/dev3/app2/

Is this possible?


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