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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] LocationMatch inside VirtualHost? [solved: bug]
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2009 19:55:52 GMT
Viaduct Productions wrote:
> On 14-Apr-09, at 11:38 AM, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>> httpd -S and mod_info are your friends in these sorts of issues.
> Yes, I've been chasing up the issue found in apachectl -S since using 
> it.  That's what the thread is focussing on now.
Ok, there we are touching the other part of the discussion again.
I don't know Mac OS X at all, nor what the Apache packager for Mac OS X 
may have done regarding what is invoked, changed, copied, combined in 
terms of configuration files of Apache maybe before even Apache starts 
reading httpd.conf (assuming it is httpd.conf that it reads).
I would presume that it is the same for most people on this list which 
try to help Apache users.

So really, you should better ask on a Mac OS X support forum.  They 
should know where these things are, because /they/ made them so.

All we can tell you here (and we insist, mind you), is that if you get 
that warning about a NameVirtualHost without VirtualHost's, it means 
that it is so : as Apache is reading its configuration file, there /is/ 
a NameVirtualHost line without corresponding VirtualHost entries.

If you want a longer explanation :
Apache runs on Linux (various distributions, each with its own 
configuration files schema), Solaris, HPUX, Windows, BSD, and probably 
another 15 different operating sytems.  The Apache developers create the 
basic version, but they do not create these different 
installation/configuration packages.
(Mind you though, there /are/ a number of Apache volunteers who test 
each new version on each of these platforms, and a new version will be 
released only if it passes all these tests).
Similarly, the on-line documentation on the Apache site is generic, and 
covers how Apache runs once it reads all of httpd.conf, as it is put 
together by the startup scripts and includes etc... that are part of 
these packages.

Your problem however involves directly the way in which these files are 
being put together by the MAC OS X specific startup procedures, and you 
don't want to show us the files, so we can't help further.
Or at least I can't.

One last guess and suggestion :
I am convinced that there is one NameVirtualHost line too many, 
somewhere.  I don't know where that one is or where it comes from, but I 
know now that another one is in your "rich.conf" file.
(Actually I don't really know that; I just believe what you wrote).
So why don't you remove/comment out the one in rich.conf for a start, 
and try again ?
After all, if there are really two, then the other one should still be 
there, right ? And the warning should disappear.
And if now it complains that it hasn't got any at all, then it would 
mean that the one at the beginning of rich.conf was being read twice.

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