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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Unique Home Page
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 07:59:21 GMT
Dondi Williams wrote:
> I am running Apache 2.2.9 on a Windows Vista PC and have unique UIDs for my
> family members. I want each family member to have their own unique home page
> when they login to the PC. How can I enable this within Apache? I also have
> PHP 5.2.6 operational.

Ok, I'll bite, but just a little bit.

What you are asking, could become technically very complex, and I am not 
sure if the circumstances really justify such work.

I think first, you have to imagine the following situation, because that 
is, technically, how it is :
imagine that your Apache server does not run on the Windows XP PC where 
you login (in Windows) as a user, but that this Apache server runs on a 
separate machine connected to your PC through the network.

When you login to your PC as a user, Apache does not know that.
Then you call up Internet Explorer, and Apache still does not know that.
Then in IE, you enter the URL of the Apache server (in this case, 
probably just "http://localhost") and IE sends a HTTP request to the 
server "localhost", for the page "/", through a TCP/IP link, using the 
HTTP protocol. It just happens that this "localhost" is in your case the 
same machine, but it could just as well be another machine on the other 
side of the world.
When Apache gets this request, via TCP/IP, it gets exactly these 2 lines :
GET / HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost

That's it.
In other words, Apache does not get any information as to who is 
logged-in on the machine that runs this browser that sent this request.
(And that's good, because otherwise, any website in the world to which 
you connect via IE, would get your Windows login userid).

In order for Apache to get additional information indicating "who" sent 
this request, you would have to have in place some authentication 
scheme, at the IE level and at the Apache level, that forces IE to send 
a user-id to Apache, at the same time as the request.  This might be 
possible, but it is complicated at the best of times, and in this case 
would be /very/ complicated.

So, what I suggest instead in this :

As far as I know, when you set up different user accounts under Windows 
XP, Windows keeps a separate "profile" per user.  Among the information 
stored in that per-user profile, is probably each user's "preferences" 
in IE, among which the "preferred start page" of each user.
Why don't you then set up different html pages in Apache (one for each 
user), and then set up, for each user in IE, this page as their 
preferred homepage ?

In other words, when userA logs in and calls up IE, IE will 
automatically load the URL "http://localhost/homepages/userA.html".
And when userB logs in, IE will automatically call up the page 

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