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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] LocationMatch inside VirtualHost? [solved: bug]
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2009 18:53:15 GMT

On Apr 14, 2009, at 06:19, Viaduct Productions wrote:

> Or would you rather me ask a question that doesn't shed light on  
> issues?  Kind of like "only behave the way we wish"?  Then why have  
> a list?  You want approval?  Get a dog.  I'm here because things are  
> not clear.  Yes, it's a list for users.  Users are not developers,  
> hence the difference in lists.  Hence the need for documentation, to  
> take users into a space for having the need for such lists.  Pretty  
> simple, don't you think?  Most areas where you offer a service, you  
> minimize things so that they are not misleading, as they apparently  
> are here.  See the example above.
> I have little patience for you.  I'm sure the above information is  
> completely OK by you, but that would only shed light on the real  
> issue of most open source software, which is accompanied by  
> questionable technically written documentation.  So yes, the  
> documentation is horribly written.  If you can find 2.2  
> documentation that sheds light on this, which I've spent the better  
> part of 2 days reading, then please point it out.  Documentation is  
> about understanding, which it has not provided.  So yes, it goes  
> into the bug reporting system as a bug, as it's not performing as  
> expected, as defined by the docs.  If it found that the performance  
> is as expected by the developers, yet the documentation doesn't  
> provide insight, then the documentation needs to be fixed.  That, is  
> as much a part of apache as the server itself.
> And be nice.

I've been around this mailing list for a long time. I'd guess 12  
years, at the very least. It's not often that we get postings from  
anybody as utterly rude and unprofessional as this. Had this been a  
commercial technical support encounter, this would be the point at  
which I would have hung up.

There is never any excuse to be this rude, particularly in a public  
forum, where it is archived forever.

You posted a question, posted a solution that had nothing whatever to  
do with your question, and then posted this diatribe, which had  
nothing to do with either one, and then have the audacity to claim  
that we do what we do in order to get your approval.

One hopes that at some point you have the grace to look back on this  
exchange and be embarrassed at your behavior.


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