Hello.  I have configured my RHEL5 Apache system with SSL.  I verified that SSL was installed correctly and accessing the site via SSL works as expected with the one exception described below.
The problem I am having is my PHP code is pulling the $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] variable and this is coming back as 80 rather than 443.  To narrow this problem down, I've closed port 80 by commenting out 'LISTEN 80' so my server is ONLY listening on port 443.  I've verified this via a port scan of my server ... 443 is open, 80 is not.
Here is my <VIRTUALHOST> code within HTTPD.CONF

NameVirtualHost *:443




<VirtualHost *:443>

ServerAdmin first.name@xyz.com

DocumentRoot /var/www/html/redcap

ServerName name.url.edu

ErrorLog logs/<filename>

CustomLog logs/<filename>

I can get 443 to be returned from _SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] if I edit the 3rd line above to :
ServerName name.url.edu:443
But, if I do this, it messes a few other things up internal to the site.
Does anyone have an idea why _SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] is returning 80 rather than 443?
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.