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From Andrei Iarus <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] mod_rewrite and setenv
Date Sun, 01 Nov 2009 17:14:58 GMT
Thanks very much for the fast responses. Can this info be added in the mod_rewrite documentation,
as this is very important for future questions?
OR: can the order of processing be changed?

--- On Sun, 11/1/09, Rich Bowen <> wrote:

From: Rich Bowen <>
Subject: Re: [users@httpd] mod_rewrite and setenv
Date: Sunday, November 1, 2009, 7:17 PM

On Nov 1, 2009, at 10:50 , Andrei Iarus wrote:

I have looked a lot in Internet, and found many people complaining about the same problem,
with no normal answer.
My problem:
mod_rewrite with its RewriteCond %{ENV:variable} form cannot read correctly the environment
The variable is set directly in the .htaccess OR in the main httpd.conf. No matter, the variable
won't be read. THe logging of the rewrite process will show that the value of %{ENV:variable}
will be "".
I have found the same problem posted 5 years ago, with no answer, which is awkward (if this
is a bug).
What I wrote was:
SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV development
RewriteCond %{ENV:APPLICATION_ENV} ^development$
RewriteRule ^.*$ /XXX/index.php [NC,L]
Unfortunately, it doesnt work. Any experience with that? Where should I complain further?

This is a matter of order of processing. The rewrite directives run earlier than the SetEnv
directives. You can set the env var with mod_rewrite:

RewriteRule ^ - [E:APPLICATION_ENV=development]

Rich Bowen

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