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From "Geoff Millikan" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] ETag (entity tag) response header not being added to server side include's
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2010 01:03:30 GMT
> [The Apache documentation] should more clearly state that 
> it generates ETags for static files only. The resource in 
> question is not really a static file.

I imagine there's nothing I can do to help get the 2.2 docs updated but if
there is, I'm happy to help.
> The cache doesn't know the full contents of the response until it's
> all been written to the client via the output filters.  You can't
> calculate headers at the end of a response and still use them.

I understand the full contents of the item (and its headers) cannot be known
until it's cached - but then once cached, everything is known, headers
included I believe?  This implies items served from cache could have an Etag
merged or  appended to the already-known headers.  Regardless, Apache
doesn't offer a way to add an Etag to dynamic content today.  Rats.  



PS. The digest at shows half a
dozen people trying to write custom applications to do this.  Now if the
HTTP Project takes it on then the world saves untold CPU cycles/bandwidth or
maybe even bringing global peace.  For that, I'll put up a couple hundred
bucks up to see the feature added - anyone on Apace dev reading this, just
let me know when it's in trunk and just email me your PayPal info. Or let me
know what beer you like - I'm good for a case shipped anywhere in the USA.

PPS. BTW Apache rocks.  We indorse it publically so keep up the good work!

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