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Subject [users@httpd] Issue with aliasmatch and matching base directories
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2010 17:34:10 GMT



I am making a diligent but a failing effort trying to match directories in the base of the
apache root for my site.

My latest incarnation did not work
 AliasMatch ^/([^.*])$ /www/html/includes/director.php

Have searched the web, and just cannot get this figured out.

This would match, if a user requests (any directory name but not a file)

These would not match

I will have ACTUAL directories off the root, but I will check for those and control those
in the script, though, it
would be nice if an actual directory would be handled by apache and not by the AliasMatch.

Just need to work with virtual directories that will be pulled from a db. So if someone,
I can query the DB based on mysite.

Thank You

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