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From Baljeet Nijjhar <>
Subject [users@httpd] Cannot upload files from Firefox 2.0 to Apache HTTP proxy server
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 12:22:47 GMT
I have tried to upload a Microsoft Excel file to my application server from
Firefox 2.0. The HTTP request goes over SSL to Oracle Apache 2 HTTP server
which is configured to act as a proxy server before passing the request to
my application server.
Packet sniffing indicates that the file contents are being sent from the
browser, but mysteriously getting 'lost' by the time they reach the
application server. i.e. the form fields relating to the file upload are no
longer present.
Are there any diagnostics I can perform or configuration I can check for the
proxy server as to why this is happening?
File uploads work fine with Internet Explorer 6. There are some minor
differences in the way HTTP requests get encoded for the two browsers, such
as the filename or content-type.
thanks, Baljeet.

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