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From Baljeet Nijjhar <>
Subject [users@httpd] Cannot download files over SSL in Internet Explorer - where is Cache-Control: no-cache header being set?
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 12:31:23 GMT
I am having trouble downloading files over SSL in Internet Explorer. After
some digging, I believe this is because a Cache-Control: no-cache HTTP
header is being added by my Oracle Apache 2 HTTP proxy server to the
responses sent from my application server. This causes the seemingly
well-known problem described in:
My question is how to (temporarily at least) disable the adding of the
Cache-Control header. I have tried the following to no avail:
a) Header unset Cache-Control in httpd.conf/ssl.conf
b) Header set Cache-Control <something else> - it sends Cache-Control:
no-cache, <something else>
c) session.cache_limiter = none in php.ini - no change
d) creating a filter in my application server and setting the Cache-Control
header there; I end up with two Cache-Control headers.
I have kept the default for the modules loaded but wonder if some module is
required to be turned off.
Has anyone got any clues what else I can try? Or what is the answer to this
thanks, Baljeet.

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