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From "Geoff Millikan" <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] Apache 2.2 optimization -> Three tips
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2010 16:09:47 GMT
> +1.  Isn't that documented?  I'm surprised!

Suppose so, as a n00b though, I thought maybe cutting the default time of 15
in half would do it.  It didn't.  With many people on fast Internet
connections now, even 1 or 2 second KeepAliveTimeout's seem to work good.
> Interesting!  Do you have any insights into how this varies 
> with filesystem and operating system/hardware behaviour?  
> If this comes close to the difference made by .htaccess, 
> I'd be looking at what lies beneath.

Unfortunately the day we did this we also optimized a bunch of MySQL
queries.  That aside, and with the disclaimer that we're total newbies at
file system optimization, we saw was about a 40% decrease in CPU time and (I
have no idea why on this) about 20% more free RAM memory.  We're on ext3
filesystem but it would seem like any gain you'd see from noatime would be
impactful on any filesystem but I have no idea.  I can say that of all the
tuning we've done to the system, the noatime and the MinSpareServers
produced the most immediate, "I can see a difference with my naked eye" type
results.  YMMV.  The article below had convincing data which led us to try
it but screwing with our filesystem isn't something we took lightly:

> Furthermore, what you describe appears to assume prefork MPM,
> which is unlikely to be the best solution where performance 
> is an issue.

Agreed, from what I've read worker MPM seems better but as you guys may
know, if you want tech support from Red Hat on RHEL5, you're stuck with
prefork.  Otherwise it's recompile time (yes, all the books say everything
should be recompiled) and if something goes haywire we're screwed with no
tech support (albeit the tech support from Red Hat hasn't been very helpful

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