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From Oleg Goryunov <>
Subject [users@httpd] Someone hacked my apache2 server
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2010 21:20:21 GMT
Hello all,
It looks like someone hacked my apache2 server and I am trying to understand
how this could have happened.
This is what happened:
All of a sudden the server - in response to a web-browser request for a page
- started to give a full screen of unknown characters (looked like a long
text with encoding mismatch).
The output was immediate and the same for all the web-sites located on the
Looking at the page source of the output I see the following:

<iframe src=  http://a z s x d e 5 5 . 9 9 6 6 . org:8800/ak47/29.html
width=1 height=1></iframe> Л ������ э[сn█8 ■▌�√ \-░{ ╘Ц
'█&q ┤I щ]╙ф╥l{√ла$┌
fCС*I┘ёс цЮхЮьf(╩Ц 9N▓-о╗pА─ 9№f8Ь  З╩Ё√Уєул▀.^СЙM ╣°їхЫ╫╟$шДсЗ┴q

╖\I*┬Ё╒█А  k│¤0Ь═f▌┘алЇ8╝║ o лПГ¤╫ОнМь&6      ОЖО▀M*д9lAщяээ
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╦ни╩ўю╫ЛЛє╦л JЪ█Й╥ ╥I
╩%7░К █o

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W?Kў╖2 ймУр╓4Р E

The address indicated in the begining of the page code leads to some chinese

So, somehow it happened that the output of the apache server was substituted
by this page, which redirected visitors to some chinese server. It is the
second time I am posting to the mailing list, the first time the mailing
list virus scanner identified the content as having the Troj/Fujif-Gen
virus, thus, this time I removed active links from the message body so it is
not exactly what I received).

But the most strange thing was that the problem dissapeared itself! So, it
last for 10 minutes then disappeared! And the again started and again
dissapeared. Finally, I turned down apache untill I understand what is going

Any idea how could that happen?  How to reproduce this? How to prevent?
Where to look for logs? I have check both ssh logs and apache logs, there is
nothing that could seem unusual there...

Any help is appreciated.
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