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From Pravesh Rai <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Inability to start rotatelogs causes Apache startup failure.
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2010 02:02:15 GMT
Have you checked all running processes on the given system ? Since all
instances of rotatelogs.exe runs as 'cmd', try to close them, one-by-one. I
think, some of the old instances are not cleaning-up properly.


On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 4:03 AM, Tuba Flea <> wrote:

> I'm using Apache 2.2.11 on Windows Server 2003.
> Apache is failing to start as its attempt to start rotatelogs fails. I
> cannot figure out what the problem is.
> Every time httpd starts up, these two message are placed sequentially in
> error.log:
>  1) unable to start piped log program ' "C:/Program
> Files/foo/apache/bin/rotatelogs.exe" "C:/Program
> Files/foo/logs/httpd/access.%Y_%m_%d_%H_%M_%S.log" 86400': Access is
> denied.
> 2) Unable to open logs
> ("foo" is a service that Apache is installed under and uses Apache.)
> "Access is denied" is a Windows permission error message.
> These are various things I've confirmed/tried:
> 1) The foo service runs.
> 2) The user that the foo service runs as can start rotatelogs.exe from the
> command line.
> 3) rotatelogs.exe has full execute permissions for all users.
> 4) The logging-to directory exists and has write permissions for all users.
> 5) There are no security programs involved.
> 6) Getting the events while running procman indicates that rotatelogs.exe
> is not accessed in anyway by httpd.
> 7) This works fine on other machines (running XP).
> I've looked in the source code:
>  - The "Unable to open logs" is from server/main.c:main().
> - The "unable to start piped log program" is from
> server/log.c:piped_log_spawn(), and the access denied is coming from when
> srclib/apr/threadproc/win32/proc.c:apr_proc_create() calls the Windows
> function CreateProcess(). As rotatelogs is not found in the events captured
> by procman, it seems that CreateProcess() wasn't able to start rotatelogs.
> This appears to be some weird permissions issue. But since httpd can start,
> I can't figure out why it can't start rotatelogs.
> Any help would be much appreciated.

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