This is going to be a vey very dumb question, so apologies up front. Using WinAMP with Apache 2.2.11.
I need redirections based on host name. Host1, host2 and host3 all are the same server
host1 should be staying at host1 at the same port
host2 should be redirected to host2 but different port
host3 should be redirceted to host3 but antoher different port.
So for example
http://<host2>/ http://<host2>:6405/InfoViewApp/logon.jsp 
I have tried the Redirect directives. I have tried the Rewrite directives. I have put them in httpd.conf file, in the <Directory /> container and in .htaccess file. The alias and rewrite mods are loaded.
My last attempt was the very simple RewriteRuel:
RewriteRule http://<host2>/ http://<host2>:6405/InfoViewApp/logon.jsp
No matter what I have tried I always end up at http://<host2>. It never gets redirected
Can someone please give me the exact Rewrite of Redirect directive to use. I am really stumped as why I can not get this to work.... :-(
Thanks for any reply... and sorry to bother you with something as simple as this...
Kind regards,