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From Chee Yang Chau <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] What is the meaning of "declining to authorise" showing in error_log?
Date Sun, 12 Sep 2010 02:06:31 GMT
> > Does that means that mod_authnz_ldap decline to authorise the user?
> The clue is [debug].  It's not a message that's supposed to be relevant to
> you as a user.  Why did you set LogLevel to debug if you have a problem
> with a lot of low-level messages?

Does this mean the message isn't important?  The reason I turn on debug
level logging is I want to make sure the authentication and authorisation is
successfully perform against the LDAP service in my network.  The message
"declining to authorise" seems fail to me.

My LDAP service support STARTTLS and I want to use STARTTLS for the
connection.  However, I always fail to perform STARTTLS connection for the
HTTPD service.  I don't know what's wrong and try to turn on debug logging.
 And that lead me to see the declining message.

Best regards,
Chau Chee Yang

E Stream Software Sdn Bhd
SQL Financial Accounting

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