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From sattlite Installer <>
Subject [users@httpd] https and http server with the same documentRoot + force to use https for some content and authenticate!
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2010 11:55:20 GMT

I have an 2.2 apache server with just 2 virtual servers, one for http and 
one for https.  The document root for the 2 is the same.  I now need to 
force  users to use https for some parts of the site/tree as these will use auth directives
in .htaccess files.  However, I cannot 
figure out how to do this. 

The pages in question need to be protected by an auth directive which I 
presume needs to be in the .htaccess of the directory holding the 
pages.  I have tried various combinations of the below but have not 
found a combination that will apply redirection (to the https version) only to http requests

and authorisation only to https requests.  I either get a redirection loop of authentication
being applied to the http request then redirecting to https and requesting authentication

 I have tried various combinations of the following:

redirects (which do not work as the 1st argument is the same for both http and https - ends
up looping)

rewrites (which force on to https but before they are applied the 
.htaccess processing of the auth diretives cuts in and wants to collect 
user and password information over http)

Googleing does not help.

Can anyone suggest any routes to solve the problem



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