I have searched web with Google many times, but I couldn't find a solution. I hope here I will have more luck.

I have apache 2.2.15 which requires client to have certificate.

In FF 11 everything works fine. But, in IE9, when I open my web page, sometimes I got HTTP 443 error on SOME web page resources (not on all, but mostly on random pictures). If I do F5 (refresh), then sometimes it gives HTTP 200 (OK) on that resource or it gives 443 on some other resource.

In error_log there is "Re-negotiation handshake failed: Not accepted by client!?". In access_log, there is 443 on that resource.

So, again: when I open my web page, sometimes it opens fine, sometimes I got 443. If I got 443 and I do F5 refresh, then it shows my web page, but some random pictures doesn't show (there is 443 error in acess logs). When I again do F5, random pictures on my web page are not showing with 443 error in logs. Sometimes it opens my web page nicely without any problems. This problem is only on IE (I have only IE9). FF works fine.

What should I do?