Thanks Daniel, that sounds about right. I'll see if my host will up the number of workers. I don't currently have access to the httpd.conf  I'm afraid, although I might have to ask for a copy of it sending.
Thanks again, and have yourself a good weekend.
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Sorry if this is a dumb question but, I am trying to diagnose why my website keeps falling over often by reaching MAXCLIENTS.
I have asked the server host to give me access to server-status ( MOD_STATUS ) and one thing that I have noticed that is different to ALL the other examples I have seen is the size of the line of W's and R's and C's etc.
Mine has only 10 characters but every other example seems to have 40+.
I understand that if they all get stuck in the W state that this may cause the MAXCLIENTS to get reached so that's something I am watching out for, however I was wondering if the small size of "child servers" shown might indicate something in itself?
Many thanks for any help you can offer or point me to!

I may be speaking out of school here, but I believe that means you have too few workers. Do you have access to your httpd.conf?

The code for mod status simply iterates through the server_limit x thread_limit and prints a character for each.

Daniel Ruggeri

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