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From Tim Williams <>
Subject [users@httpd] Two-way SSL subsequent failing requests with Firefox
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2012 16:51:32 GMT
I'm stumped.  I've got a server(CentOS) running httpd(2.2.23) with
openssl (1.0.0-fips) installed. SSLVerifyClient is set to require.
All is happy if I make a request to a page using IE.

If, however, I make a request with Firefox to a page, the page will
load, but if I shift-reload the same page, it fails in an odd way.  I
get the response headers - Content-Length and Content-Type and all
look as they should, but I get an empty entity body.  Interestingly
enough, if the file is 2395 bytes or less, there is no problem.  I
only see it with files 2396 or greater.  (I'll readily admit that the
file size could be red herring, i mention if for completeness)...

If I clear Firefox's cache and reload the page, I can get it just fine
again - the first time.  The byte count in Content-Length and the
ssl_request log is correct but I'm guessing that is simply from the
file stats not necessarily the bytes sent?

Firefox(10.0.3) is known to work with other two-way ssl sites.  Sadly,
I'm unable to paste a config/log data here, but I can answer
I've googled, looked at debug logs, and tcpdumps with no hints.  If
someone can point me in a good direction, I'd appreciate it greatly.
I've read the mod_ssl manual, btw.


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