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From Billy Baker <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Apache 2.4 Configure with ldap support
Date Sun, 24 Feb 2013 21:53:02 GMT
Yes, I found I needed to compile APR and APR-Util seperatly.  From my notes
here is what I did (ymmv)

Required separate config for apr as per this [Link]  (On Centos 6.3)

make apr
    cd apr-1.4.6
    ./configure --enable-layout=RedHat
    sudo make install

make apr-util
    svn checkout
    ./buildconf --with-apr=../apr-1.4.6
    ./configure --enable-layout=RedHat --with-crypto --with-ldap=ldap
--with-openssl --with-mysql --with-apr=../apr-1.4.6
    sudo make install

configure httpd
    ./configure --enable-layout=RedHat --with-apr=../apr-1.4.6
--with-apr-util=../apr-util/1.4.6   /
    --enable-proxy-ajp   --enable-proxy-express  --enable-session
--with-ldap --enable-so          /
    --enable-authn-socache --enable-mods-shared="all ssl ldap cache proxy
authn_alias file_cache   /
    authnz_ldap charset_lite dav_lock cache_disk"
    sudo make install

ajp for JBoss reverse proxy
Session for SSO Login

Good Luck,
Billy Baker

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