Hello Vidyadhar,

1) In WebSphere, you need to create a new virtual host that you will only map your admin module to. For example.. setup a virtual host in WAS called "admin" to listen on techienote.com on a new specific IP address and/or port. Something like admin.techienote.com.
You should also create a new virtual host in Apache with the same IP/Name:port. You can then limit this virtual host to listen on a new IP and/or port that will not be available to external users. 

2) You could also use rewrites or Location blocks to limit by ip address, but this has some flaws.  

Their are several ways to do this, but these options appear to be the easiest since you are dealing with WebSphere. Validate your plugin config is correct after propagation.

Josh Whittaker

On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 10:22 AM, <techienote.com@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Team,

This is regarding URL restriction. We are using IBM http Server version 7 which is build on apache 2.2

All the dynamic pages are hosted on WebSphere application server. IBM http server communicate with WebSphere application server through plugin.

Now on Application server I have two modules:
1. http://techienote.com/vidyadhar/hello.user for users
2. http://techienote.com/vidyadhar/hello.admin for admins

All the above servers are in DMZ.

Now the problem is http://techienote.com/vidyadhar/hello.admin can be accessible from outside network which I want to prohibit.

Kindly let me know possible solutions to above problem.

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