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From Federico Mennite <>
Subject [users@httpd] Slow transaction on a balance member is holding subsequent requests
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 15:30:58 GMT
I've configured a reverse proxy with two workers with lbmethod=bybusyness
Given that the back-end servers are supporting only one single 
connection concurrently I've configured each member with max=1

Now in a first connection to the server, I send a request to a resource 
that is going to take 20 seconds to respond.
Short after, with a second connection I send a request to a resource 
that is going respond immediately. Everything looks fine.

I send immediately a third request to retrieve the fast resource but I 
unexpectedly have to wait that the first request has finished before 
getting an answer to the third.
I was expecting the 'bybusyness' algorithm to give priority to the non 
busy balancer member but instead it seems that it is queuing the third 
request to the one being busy.

Is this behavior expected, should I confgiure somnething differently or 
can this be considered a bug?

Config snippet:
<Proxy balancer://session>
   BalancerMember connectiontimeout=10 max=1
   BalancerMember connectiontimeout=10 max=1
   KeepAlive On
   ProxyPass            /                balancer://session/ 

Apache version 2.2.16, distributed with Debian Squeeze.

Thanks for your help!


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