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From <>
Subject [users@httpd] AuthDBMGroupFile in v2.4 - being ignored?
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2013 08:55:52 GMT

I am using v2.4.4 of httpd compiled by ApacheLounge (running on Windows Server 2003, in case
that's significant) and am trying to get the "Require group" directive working with basic
authentication and the "dbm" provider.  I've uncommented the LoadModule lines relating to
mod_authn_dbm and mod_authz_dbm and my configuration includes the following:

<Directory "C:/Apache24/site/feedback">
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Secure Area"
AuthBasicProvider dbm
AuthDBMUserFile site/data/users
AuthDBMGroupFile site/data/users
Require group admin

(Note that site/data is not accessible via the webserver.)

Even though the AuthDBMGroupFile directive is clearly understood (httpd -t responds "Syntax
OK" and the server starts successfully), it appears to be ignored or something else is trying
to find a group file by other means, as the error in the log file is:

AH01664: No group file was specified in the configuration

Looking at the mod_authz_dbm documentation at
I'm as sure as I can be that I'm using it as described, but it just doesn't seem to work!

It's probably worth mentioning that in other directories I've used the same configuration
but instead of "Require group admin" I've used "Require valid-user" and that works fine, so
site/data/users is OK.  I've also tried commenting out the LoadModule lines relating to mod_authn_file
(commenting out has no effect when using only "dbm" as a provider) and mod_authz_groupfile
(appears to be required for "Require group" to work, since httpd -t complains when it's commented

Any pointers would be appreciated on whether my configuration looks incorrect or what the
problem might be.

Many thanks,


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