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Subject Re: [users@httpd] File download transfer fails mod_proxy
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2013 19:12:57 GMT

sorry for sending my previous message twice, I had the impression my 
mailing list subscription confirmation was not send, but it was... well, 
hello to all and I take the opportunity to help guessing with this one :)

On 16.07.2013 17:43, Smith, Mitchell wrote:
> Any ideas?

Mitchell, these kind of problems might be easier to resolve by using 
wget or curl and saving the headers to a file, please look at the 
command line options, with wget it is --save-headers.

This smells like a missing mime type in your server config, but this is 
just a guess.

Also you might trace the error in your pdf generating application by 
activating all log facilities, also raise the server error log to a 
higher value.

Have a nice day,

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