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From Ajay Garg <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Recommended way to setup file-uploading, in a Webdav based share
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2013 11:59:03 GMT
Thanks a lot John, for the reply !!

On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 2:27 PM, John Doe <> wrote:
> From: Ajay Garg <>
> > I have been using a running HTTPD-server, that serves files via WebDAV.
> > Now, I need to add the ability for clients to upload files to the same
> > WebDAV directory/virtualhost.
> Hum... webDAV is used mainly for its writable features.
> For just serving files, you do not need it.
> So, if you use webDAV clients, you should already be all set.
> The webDAV clients should be able to write files on the server.

I had already checked that the server-directory is writable, by
uploading a file via a small client-side python utility :)

However, my query is regarding what is the most recommended way to
achieve this? :)

In particular, is it possible to get the uploading done, using a
web-browser as the only client-side utility? (as that will do away
with any needs of deploying any "special" client-side utility).

On some googling, I find that invoking a PHP-based-server-side-script
from a HTML "Upload"-Form might do the job, but I am not sure if using
PHP with "httpd" is recommended, as "mod_dav" already seems to do the
server-side job.

Just a few starting-pointers on how to accomplish an  "exclusive
server-side solution, using only a browser at the client" will be
greatly helpful :) :)

Thanks again for the reply John !!

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> "This
>     extension to the HTTP protocol allows creating, moving,
>     copying, and deleting resources and collections on a remote web
>     server."
> JD
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