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From Massimiliano De Ruosi <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] server-status page: meaning of "W" in multitier architecture
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2013 06:34:51 GMT
Now I understand, thank you.

Any suggestion about profiling a request using mod_proxy as a reverse  
proxy? Reading mod_proxy documentation I didn't find a useful solution  
(except lowering Timeout/ProxyTimeout to get some information in error  
log, but I was searching for a less "disruptive" profiling procedure).

Thank you again,
Massimiliano De Ruosi

Quoting Eric Covener <>:

>> Looking at server-status page, I cant understand the "scope" of scoreboard
>> key: "W" (Sending Reply): it refers only to sending reply to client (6), or
>> the entire process of contacting backend, waiting for response, and sending
>> it to client (2+3+4+5+6), or maybe other?
> It's counterintuitive, but W is used as soon as mod_proxy gets control
> (so just before it contacts the backend) until all of the response is
> forwarded.  It really just means the configured "handler" has been
> entered and has not completed.
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