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From "King Holger (CI/AFP2)" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache2 2.4.6 | ConnectionPool separation/isolation
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2013 07:45:13 GMT
Dear Apache2 community,

we observed, that Apache2 shares configured connection pools (whether based on "worker" or
"prefork") over all available virtual hosts. This is really poor as one single heavily used
virtual host might consume all reserved connections and in consequence influence the others
in a negative way.

So, we wonder how to get rid of that behavior. We just thought about:
-       mod_vhost_limit (see

Nevertheless, this module offers a low version number and we are not sure whether it's the
most recommended and preferred way to do it this way.

An alternative would be to use separate Apache2 instances - one per virtual host. This would
lead to a bunch of individual Apache2 web server instances but to separated connection pools.

What is your recommendation? We think, this problem should have been raised more often - especially
in hosting environments where resources should also be isolated.

We are really looking forward to hearing from you again.

Kind regards,
Holger King

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