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From Todd MacKay <>
Subject [users@httpd] Socket level time-out configuration in the Apache HTTP server
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 11:01:29 GMT
Is there socket level time-out configuration in the Apache HTTP server?  If
yes, which module(s) should be included and how should they be configured?

Background: Using the Apache 2.2.24 HTTP server,  we are running a PHP
process that performs long-running operations to send output results to
client's browser.  Sometimes the user becomes impatient and closes the
browser before the PHP process has finished.   They then re-open the
browser which starts a new PHP process while the original process is still

Our goal is that as soon as the connection to the browser is closed, the
PHP process should be killed/terminated instead of continuing to process an
occupying valuable resources.

We have tried using the ob_flush() function in PHP to trigger Apache to
terminate the process but would prefer to do this with Apache.

It appears this functionality exists in the Apache Tomcat software (See: so
we'd like to know if similar functionality can be configured in the Apache
HTTP server.


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