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From Charles W Buege <>
Subject [users@httpd] Traffic forwarding.....
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2014 18:37:54 GMT
All - 

I've got HA working for Apache and also reverse proxy working as well. You 
can see the attached JPG for my layout. have a heartbeat between them keeping the virtual IP 
The httpd services on both .11 and .12 are only configured to proxy 
forward to the next apache servers depending on what the incoming host 
name is.  If the incoming traffic is going to, it 
forwards the traffic on to (set in the hosts file on each of the 
proxy/high availability machines).  If the incoming traffic is going to, then it goes to  The client always only 
sees these two web sites as

Here's what I'd like to do now:  If there is an incoming connection to that is going to port 3306 (MySQL) for example, how can I 
configure the system to pass this information along?

In reality, what I'm trying to figure out how to do is, with my existing 
configuration, how to pass traffic that ISN'T 80 or 443 on to the right 
host depending on the incoming host name.  In my actual production 
environment, I will have some web services running on some of the servers 
and I'm trying to avoid moving them all to different IP addresses so I can 
keep the DNS information the same as it currently is.  So, I guess what 
I'm saying is how can I use the single IP address of pointing 
to either host name and have Apache proxy pass the data along to the 
proper server depending on the incoming request.

I may be all wet and my idea may not even work.  Go ahead and yell at me 
if I'm trying to do something impossible.

If my question doesn't make sense, please feel free to ask for more 
details and I will share as best as I can.

Thank you,

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