Hi Eric. Thanks for the response. I looked at both web sites and basically started all over. I downloaded the pcre packages and installed. Those, of course, complained about dependencies so, after many times downloading some extra dependencies, I finally got back to the point of compiling apache. After I use the ./configure command, I still get the error saying it can't find the pcre-config, even though it is pointed to on the command line. So, I'm still stuck at the same point I was last week. Any other ideas?

From:        Eric Covener <covener@gmail.com>
To:        users@httpd.apache.org
Date:        02/04/2014 11:11 AM
Subject:        Re: [users@httpd]

On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 10:38 AM,  <John_Waller@papajohns.com> wrote:
> I have tried, in vain, for over a week now to get apache installed on a
> server running AIX6.1 I have installed many products, one at a time, because
> it only screams about a product one at a time. I thought I was at the very
> last piece of the compile for apache and it said it couldn't find
> pcre-config even though it has an explicit pointer in the command line. The
> apache notes say that certain platforms require the -dev product be
> installed to get past this known bug. There's only one problem with that
> resolution. The -dev product doesn't exist for AIX6.1. If anyone can get a
> real install doc for this or even point me to a -dev product to install,
> I'll try it but having to spend 2 weeks just trying to install one product
> is crazy.

Have you looked at the wiki?  

My last AIX build on 2.4 used pcre and expat from
rather than the IBM toolbox. But there are probably ways to get all
different varieties to work.

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