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From Fiedler Roman <>
Subject AW: [users@httpd] strange 32bit apache-problem
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2014 09:57:52 GMT

> Von: Hajo Locke []
> Hello,
> one of my machines i upgraded tu ubuntu 14.04 32bit.
> there is a apache 2.2.27 running on it (non ubuntu-repo).
> i have a textfile which is 512byte long, it contains just some chars,
> just one long line with a linebreak at the end.
> If i request this file by wget from the same machine, all is looking
> fine and readable.
> If i request this file from a other machine, then file seems to be
> corrupted. response-header and filesize are still ok. file contents
> looks like i would have requested some binary content.
> content looks like this (just first 8 bytes):
> ^@^@^@^@
> if i reduce length of line, then at a point file is ok again and
> readable. What could be the problem here?
> Other files with shorter lines are also ok. it seems to be special in
> here, that file is very long and only one linebreak at the end
> i have other machines which are upgraded the same way with same
> software, only difference is that they are 64bit machines and they are
> working without problems.
> Never had something like this, some other not upgraded 32bit machines
> still have no problem with original file.
> What to do now?

Did you look at it in an editor? If yes, editors might be tricky.

Could you post xxd of original file, file retrieved locally and on remote 


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