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Subject [users@httpd] apache httpd v2.4 + php-fpm working, except for php-fpm "/status" virtual page. what's missing in the config?
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2014 06:52:56 GMT
I'm running

	PHP 5.6.5-dev

on linux

apache's setup to use php-fmp

php-fpm config includes

	cat /usr/local/etc/php5/php-fpm.conf
		pm.status_path         = /sec/php-fpm-status
		ping.path              = /sec/php-fpm-ping
		ping.response          = php-fpm-pong

php-fpm is launched via systemd with
	ExecStart=/usr/local/php5/sbin/php-fpm \
	          --pid /var/run/ \
	          --fpm-config /usr/local/etc/php5/php-fpm.conf

it's up & running

	ps ax | grep php
		 9643 ?        Ss     0:00 php-fpm: master process (/usr/local/etc/php5/php-fpm.conf)
		 9644 ?        S      0:00 php-fpm: pool www

php, static html, and apache status pages are all being served correctly

except, the php-fpm status page



	Not Found
	The requested URL /usr/local/php5/sbin/php-fpm.fcgi/sec/php-fpm-status was not found on this

	online posts ...

main config includes

	LoadModule proxy_module       modules/
	LoadModule proxy_fcgi_module  modules/
	ProxyRequests Off

and here's the vhost config

	DirectoryIndex index.php index.html
	Options +FollowSymLinks

	<IfModule mod_proxy_fcgi.c>
		RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !/.+index\.php$
		RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} /sec/.*\.php
		RewriteRule ^/sec/(.*)$ fcgi://$1 [P]

		RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !/.+index\.php$
		RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} \.php
		RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ fcgi://$1 [P]

	Alias /sec/ "/svr/www/secure/"
	<Directory "/svr/www/secure" >
	    AllowOverride FileInfo All
	    Options +ExecCGI +FollowSymLinks +Includes +Indexes -MultiViews

	<Location "/" >
		Require all granted

	<Location "/sec/" >
	    Require all granted

	<Location "/usr/local/php5/sbin/" >
	    Require local

	<Location "/sec/server-info" >
		SetHandler server-info

	<Location "/sec/server-status" >
		SetHandler server-status

	<Location "/sec/php-fpm-status">
		SetHandler php-fastcgi-virt
		Action php-fastcgi-virt /usr/local/php5/sbin/php-fpm.fcgi virtual

what's wrong or missing, so as to get the php-fpm-status page working ?


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