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From David K <>
Subject [users@httpd] MaxClients directive
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2015 11:16:58 GMT

Can somebody explain what the MaxClients directive really does and how it differs from total
threads?I am using Worker MPM.
What is considered a "Client" and how does it differ from a "thread"? By my own findings,
a "Client" is != ip address. 
I can understand that MaxClients are restricted by ServerLimit x ThreadsPerChild but I don't
understand why you ever want to set MaxClients lower than ServerLimit x ThreadsPerChild. 

What is the real usage of MaxClients? Since there already are directives that limit number
simultaneous connections (ThreadsPerChild x ServerLimit), what does this additional directive
As I understand it: MaxClients seems to limit total number of threads that you can use. If
the directive works that way: When do you want to limit number of threads that you can use,
when you can limit the total number of existing threads instead!?.

What should I look for if I want to monitoring number of "Clients" used (using ServerStatus
for example) ?

// David

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